2021 networking trends: Hyped vs. helpful


Throughout 2020, COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders pushed many employees to work from home, creating a new set of challenges for IT and putting many initiatives on the back burner.

As IT leaders look to regain their footing in 2021, many tech conversations that were trending at the beginning of the year have picked back up right where they left off and others have changed. There’s a lot to take in and it’s tough to tell what’s hyped versus what’s really happening. 

In this webinar and Q&A session, Joel Mulkey, founder and CEO of Bigleaf Networks, and Jonathan Petkevich, VP of Product at Bigleaf, reveal today’s top networking trends and how they’re shaping up to affect you and your business in 2021. Topics include:


      • Which trends are relevant today and which are longer-term plays

      • How 2021 trends relate to current business challenges

      • What networking technology trends can and cannot deliver today

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