Network health: The bedrock of healthcare cloud migration

As healthcare organizations navigate the digital shift, the cloud is not just a buzzword but a beacon for progress and innovation. By 2025, it’s projected that a sweeping 90% of these entities will have achieved healthcare cloud migration, creating a digital backbone for key services such as practice management, electronic medical records, patient communication, and especially telehealth visits. The dependency on cloud technology underscores the criticality of an unwavering internet connection for service delivery and patient care.

Network health is imperative

The importance of reliable network health in this migration is highlighted in our insightful infographic. With telehealth’s adoption increasing by 25% since 2022, the implications of network interruptions are not just inconvenient—they can be critical. A robust network is now an indispensable component of healthcare delivery.

Encouragingly, 94% of IT professionals champion cloud migration for its benefits, which include simplified compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA. Pioneering this endeavor, Bigleaf Networks assures uninterrupted, secure connectivity—a cornerstone for modern healthcare operations.

The impact of network health on healthcare cloud migration

Understand the impact of network health on healthcare cloud migration, enriched with real-world applications and insights, through these curated resources:

  1. Discover insights on why internet uptime is a significant investment for IT leaders, especially within healthcare, reflecting on the growth of SaaS and the crucial role of reliable internet connections.
  2. Explore how Bigleaf’s SD-WAN solution addresses the critical needs of medical offices and care facilities, ensuring PHI is protected and HIPAA compliance is seamless, all while enhancing the digital experience.
  3. Healthcare leaders looking to maintain the optimal performance of cloud technologies will find invaluable support through Bigleaf’s SD-WAN, ensuring continuous uptime and quality care delivery.
  4. The increasing reliance of healthcare operations on internet technology demands a robust network solution. Bigleaf’s offerings aim to bolster the industry’s digital transformation.
  5. case study from DP Fox Ventures showcases how Bigleaf’s SD-WAN can sustain business operations and prevent costly downtimes, reflecting Bigleaf’s ability to maintain business continuity during critical cloud migration efforts.

Learn More About Bigleaf

For healthcare organizations poised to enhance care delivery via cloud services, the journey starts with a solid network foundation. Download our infographic for a deeper understanding and schedule a demo to discover how Bigleaf can enhance the reliability and performance of your healthcare applications in the cloud.

Infographic on the importance of reliable connectivity for healthcare organizations

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