SD-WAN and LEO Sat

Starlink satellite compared to SD-WAN

[Video] Starlink comparison against fiber, cable, LTE, and GEO Sat, plus static IP via SD-WAN

Recently, Joel Mulkey, Founder and Chief Executive Officer here at Bigleaf got hold of the latest high-speed, low-latency, low-earth orbit (LEO) technology, Starlink. Below, he gives his hands-on comparison of how the technology performs against fiber, cable, LTE, GEO Sat … Read More

Starlink and SD-WAN deep dive: Install, troubleshooting, landline and wireless comparison

Get a deep-dive on the Starlink LEO Satellite service as our Founder and CEO installs it at his house (both via WiFi bridge and hard-wired), gets a static IP address via Starlink, troubleshoots performance issues, and compares it against Fiber, … Read More

Starlink low-earth orbit satellite supports high-speed, low-latency broadband for home offices and SMBs

How can Starlink satellite service be a part of my connectivity plans?

There is a new option to consider for business-class satellite internet connectivity: low earth orbit (LEO) technology. Starlink is currently the most broadly available global solution for this high-speed, low-latency broadband. It’s innovative LEO technology is a game changer for businesses … Read More