Product Updates

New! Graph your traffic by QoS class

Bigleaf customers have always loved that our Cloud-first SD-WAN automatically detects, categorizes and prioritizes their traffic to ensure consistent uptime and performance. Now, they’re getting a whole new level of visibility into that traffic and how it’s been categorized and … Read More

New! Dual LAN support on Bigleaf edge routers for easier network segmentation

At Bigleaf, we’re always striving to make our Cloud-first SD-WAN even easier to integrate into every customer network. To that end, we’ve heard from partners and customers asking for the ability to configure a second LAN port on our edge … Read More

New Bigleaf Alert Options Make Network Management Even Easier

As companies rely more and more on their Internet connection to do business, the quality of that connection has become a primary concern for IT leaders everywhere. That’s why Bigleaf’s SD-WAN is designed to instantly fix any Internet performance or … Read More

Bigleaf's adds Atlanta Gateway Cluster to SD-WAN network

Expanding SD-WAN Performance With our new Atlanta Gateway Cluster

We’re excited to announce that Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN platform has grown once again with the addition of our newest Gateway Cluster in Atlanta, GA. This new Gateway Cluster is our sixth deployment, expanding the Bigleaf Cloud Access Network to provide … Read More

Introducing Bigleaf Wireless Connect