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SD-WAN Features

Bigleaf’s intelligent SD-WAN features auto-detect your application needs and adapts in real-time to internet performance and connectivity issues before they impact your business. That means, unlike traditional policy-based SD-WAN solutions, Bigleaf gives you the uptime and performance you need without the complexity and risk of manual configuration.

Dynamic QoS

QoS Everywhere

VoIP over cable. Web Conferencing over wireless. Electronic Medical Records over DSL. Do these ideas make you cringe?

As network engineers, they used to make us pretty nervous since QoS over the public Internet wasn’t really possible. Bigleaf solves that problem. Since we identify application traffic, and since we’re constantly aware of circuit throughput, we can successfully apply QOS policies to any circuit, ensuring that ISPs don’t buffer and delay your critical real-time traffic like VoIP. We don’t need SLA-backed circuits to provide enterprise-grade QoS.

Enterprise-grade service over cheap circuits

Typically if you want 100Mbps of enterprise-grade Internet speed you have to buy a $500-$1500 per month fiber connection. On the other hand, you could buy a 100Mbps cable connection for $199 per month, but it certainly wouldn’t provide QoS prioritization of your real-time traffic.

Now with Bigleaf you can get the reliability and performance of the $1500 per month circuit by using two or three $50-$200 per month circuits. In addition to load-balancing based on circuit and application needs, our Dynamic QOS system will ensure that your sensitive VoIP, SSH, Remote Desktop, and other crucial traffic streams aren’t degraded by ISP congestion.

Single circuit benefits

Our Dynamic QoS even works on a single Internet connection! So while our system won’t be able to move your traffic between circuits, you can still enjoy all the QoS prioritization, circuit monitoring, and proactive alerting benefits from Bigleaf, even with just 1 Internet connection.

Automatic adaptation

The Bigleaf system is continually monitoring each of your Internet connections. Based on changing circuit conditions, QoS settings and rate limits are adjusted in real time to give your traffic the best possible experience. This system is simple to use, you just sign up for Bigleaf service and let our software do the rest! It automatically identifies your traffic types, determines which traffic flows require prioritization (such as VoIP), and applies QoS, all without any manual configuration. If you happen to have some esoteric application that we don’t match on by default, we can also set up custom rules to meet your needs.

Better VoIP with Bigleaf

See how Dynamic QoS works to specifically improve VoIP quality here.

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