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Using Fiber Modules with Bigleaf Routers

Most Bigleaf routers support high-speed fiber connections using a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module. The module connects your fiber cable to a square-shaped SFP port on the Bigleaf router and helps provide fast communication on a fiber network. Some Bigleaf routers are shipped with SFP modules, although you can use your own.

An SFP module can be a standard size, with speeds up to 1 Gbps, or an SFP+ that accommodates speeds of 10 Gbps or more. Most Bigleaf router models can be used with an SFP, although the BLR-108 supports only the standard size SFP, and the BLR-112 with an expansion card supports only SFP+.

Here are some general guidelines for using an SFP module with Bigleaf routers:

  • The same size SFP module must be used on each end of the cable. For example, 10Gbps SFP+ modules can’t negotiate with 1Gbps SFP standard modules on the same cable.
  • You can’t connect an SFP module into an Ethernet port and an SFP port for the same interface on the router at the same time.
  • You can’t connect an ethernet cable directly into an SFP port. You must use an SFP or SFP+ transceiver that enables an ethernet cable to be used with an SFP port.
  • 1Gbps SFPs do not work in the Bigleaf 10Gbps SFP+ ports, which are not backward compatible on the Bigleaf routers.
  • A multi-mode SFP module must be used with multi-mode fiber, and single-mode SFP module must be used with single-mode fiber.

Supported SFP modules

For a complete list of SFP module models we’ve tested and support with the specified Bigleaf routers, see the Using SFP modules with Bigleaf routers KB article.

Installing an expansion card in a Bigleaf BLR-112 router

Remove the faceplate using a flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the two screws at the top of the faceplate to the right of the ethernet ports.

Insert the expansion card into the empty slot, keeping it level with the router as you insert it. Screw it in using the original screws.

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