Wireless Connect

Wireless Connect

Wireless Connect Install Instructions

Bigleaf Wireless Connect includes a Teltonika RUTX11 device that connects to your Bigleaf router. This device has a 4G SIM card and offers an additional wireless circuit to ensure uninterrupted access and optimal performance of your cloud-based mission-critical tools and resources. When you add a Wireless Connect service plan for a site, Bigleaf sends you the Teltonika device.

Adding a Wireless Connect service plan for a site

There are two Wireless Connect service plans. The available cellular data is not ‘pooled’ or shared with anyone else, you get the entire amount in your selected plan. When the metered bandwidth usage is exceeded, the wireless services will still be functional but throttled to only 1/1 Mbps speeds. Bigleaf will notify you via email when you’re approaching the bandwidth limit on your wireless service plan. Available data is reset on the 24th of each month.

20GB Wireless plan

If using this plan, Bigleaf recommends the WAN Circuit Usage be set to Backup Only, which uses 2GB of cellular data per month. This ensures the circuit has ample bandwidth as a backup circuit if the primary connections are down.

100GB Wireless plan

The WAN Circuit Usage can be set to any mode (Load Balance, Avoid, Backup Only, Custom Settings) depending on your network, application, and bandwidth needs. The Load Balance and Avoid settings use approximately 15GB of data per month. For more information about the these settings, see Load Balancing options for WAN circuits.

Selecting a service plan

To add a new Wireless Connect service plan for a new or existing site:

  1. On the Bigleaf Dashboard Configuration page for the site, click Edit.
  2. In the Service Add-ons section, click Add Service and ­­­select the cellular provider and data plan size.
    You don’t have to create a new circuit for the Wireless Connect circuit, Bigleaf will do that and will send the Teltonika device to you preconfigured for your selected plan. Simply connect it to your Bigleaf router and it’s ready to go.
  3. Be sure that the Site/Shipping address is correct.
  4. Click Save.

Existing service plans that have not been activated (as in use) with an LTE device have a green icon.

Service plans that are currently activated to an LTE device have a gray icon.

Note: To change or delete a Wireless Connect service plan, contact Bigleaf Support.

Installing the Teltonika device

The Teltonika device shipped from Bigleaf includes the following accessories:

  • Power cable and power supply
  • 2 Mobile antennas
  • Ethernet cable
  • Configuration Details card with information you’ll need to connect the device to the Bigleaf router

The diagrams below show ports and connectors on the Teltonika device.

Important: If for some reason the Teltonika router is not working or is having issues with configuration, DO NOT factory reset the router. Contact Bigleaf Support for assistance.

Connecting the Teltonika device to your Bigleaf router

Follow these steps to connect the Teltonika device to your Bigleaf router. 

Important: Because the device uses cellular service, be sure to place it in an area where it can access a cellular signal, such as an elevated location close to window and away from metal structures and thick (concrete) walls.

  1. Have the Configuration Details card close by. This came in the box with your Teltonika device.
  2. Connect the Mobile antennas to the back of the device to the Mobile MAIN and Mobile AUX connectors.
  3. Connect the 4-pin connector to the power socket on the front of the device. Then plug the power adapter into a power source (with UPS protection).
  4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN 1 port of the Teltonika device, and the other end of the cable to the primary Bigleaf WAN interface indicated on your Configuration Details card.

    If you have 2 Bigleaf routers in a High Availability environment, you can connect a second Ethernet cable to the LAN 2 port of the Teltonika device, and the other end of the cable to the secondary Bigleaf WAN interface indicated on your Configuration Details card. This step is optional but does provide redundancy if the primary Bigleaf router is offline.

Log in to the Bigleaf Web Dashboard and go to your site’s Configuration page. Scroll down to the Circuits section and you’ll see the new cellular WAN circuit.

Introducing Bigleaf Wireless Connect